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Recapturing Christian Virtue in our modern world

Created on 21 February 2020. Posted in February

...  in this world”. We are the moon and God is the Sun, so we’re expected to reflect the Sun to the world. We Christians stand before the watching-world expecting to see something in us (perhaps the humilit ...

Doing good

Created on 20 February 2020. Posted in February

... o that! We as Christians need to go beyond this! Offer help and do good to those we know can even hurt us in every way possible! Turning to Jesus and asking him for the strength to do this and second ...

The mindset of Christ

Created on 15 February 2020. Posted in February

... , peace, kindness, to mention but few are some attitudes of Christ that we are expected to emulate as Christians. I believe our daily longing and prayer should be similar to the words of this hymn by T. ...

Speaking with our Holy Father

Created on 14 February 2020. Posted in February

...  we pray to God, we are speaking to our Holy Father. Prayer is one of the most important habits that Christians need to get into. It is well documented that Jesus prayed. He prayed alone, he prayed fo ...

A Second Chance

Created on 12 February 2020. Posted in February

... you. We all need a second chance when we err and remember that is what God provides us every day through Christ when we sin. Christians are poor in spirit, always in need of God’s grace. Instead of always ...


Created on 09 February 2020. Posted in February

... my attention the most. It's an amazing truth to behold. It gives birth to new hope for us, Christians. It brings peace to our weary soul. For we know that our labour in the Lord is not in vain and tha ...

Two trees

Created on 31 January 2020. Posted in January

... f knowledge of good and evil. God’s desire for Christians and the whole world is man to be in a great relationship with him but the desire of Satan is for us to taste the evil tree. When Adam chose  ...

The new mind

Created on 29 January 2020. Posted in January

... who aren't Christians can't understand these truths from God's Spirit. “It all sounds foolish to them because only those who have the Spirit can understand what the Spirit means”. – 1 Corinthians 2:14. ...

The weeping God

Created on 23 January 2020. Posted in January

...  He draws out a plan to deliver us. In that meantime, as we anxiously await His deliverance, this loving God weeps with us and comforts us. No wonder many Christians are still strong after having gone throug ...

God has not forgotten you

Created on 22 January 2020. Posted in January

...  pleasing to God. As a result, most Christians are now sitting on the fence when it comes to standing up to occasions to do great things for God and mankind. Beloved, Jehovah we serve is a fair and jus ...
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