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What have I done for Jesus? (II)

Written by Grace Ayiwah Fosu.

“And He said to them “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (NKJV) Mark 16:15

Jesus wants us to be the means of relaying His great message of the cross. Are we doing enough considering all He has done, is doing and will do for us? Not all the “don’ts” we do not do would take us to heaven, but also the “dos” we have to do also count (James 4:17)

Many Christians of today fear evangelism. They fear talking about the gospel of Christ because some do not really understand the gospel and/or are fearful of the questions that would come their way in the attempt of preaching the gospel. The root cause of this fear is that many Christians do not study the Bible.

Paul admonished Timothy to study the scriptures to show himself approved (2 Timothy 2:15) to be able to defend his faith and correct persons who teach false doctrines (1 Tim 1:3). How much attention do we pay to the scriptures? Is it the same as with our lecture notes, the newspapers, business presentations and so forth? Do we take time to find reasons and points that we can use in our daily lives and speak to others about Christ as well?

Some are trying their best, but most have laid the task on the “preacher/pastor” making him solely responsible for evangelism. But we must remember that we are all part of the body of which Christ is the head, and we are co-workers in the vineyard, and everyone would give accounts on that day.

There are many ways to spread the gospel - gospel brochures, newsletters, social media etc. Let us make Jesus go viral in our world, let us advertise Him to the perishing. Throw out the lifeline because someone is sinking right now.

It is time to pick up your Bible, pray, study and spread the gospel and then you could ask yourself, ''what have I done for Jesus?'' Surely, you would know the response to that.

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