An opportunity to run to God

Written by Mantebeah Elizabeth Matilda Abena.

"To you oh Lord, I pray. ..None who have faith in God will ever be disgraced for trusting him. But all who harm the innocent shall be defeated. Show me the path where I should go, Oh Lord; point out the right road for me to walk. Lead me; teach me; for you are the God who gives me salvation. I have no hope except in you.” (TLB) Psalm 25:1, 3-5

This life is unbelievably complex. Anytime we try to untie its knot, we end up tying another one. Sometimes I ask myself what life will actually be like if there is no God. The answer that keeps coming back to me is "there won’t be anything called life if God doesn’t exist". God is life and life is wrapped up in God.

As a Christian living in this perilous world, most of the time I find myself in situations that are difficult to bear. It sometimes feels as if God isn’t listening. As if there really is no supreme force in this world. Things get out of hand and it feels like there isn’t hope anywhere anymore.

I don’t know if you have ever felt like your heart is hurting and heavy. And you really needed someone to talk to. You turn around and everybody turns a cooled shoulder to you. You lift up your eyes and you see there is someone ready to listen to you. With joy and relief, you pour out your heart to this person but instead of instant help, he is actually quiet about it. He smiles at you but only listens.

At first, when this happens, I feel like all hope is lost until I learnt from David, a self-motivator. This is a man who encouraged himself with God’s words. He sought help from the creator. He gave thanks to God when he didn’t even respond. He was happy with the fact that God listened to him. That was enough for David.

The Christian journey is based on faith and trust in an unseen God. God says he will be our God and we will be his people (Exodus 6:7). There is nothing that escapes his eyes and as such when we feel like all hope is gone, let us have faith in Him no matter how hard things may be in this life (Matthew 10:29-31). David said in Psalms 25:3 “none who have faith in God will ever be disgraced for trusting him”. When it feels like there is no hope, let that be an opportunity to run to God, for he is our refuge. In him we are safe. He is our only hope for CHRIST IN US THE HOPE OF GLORY.

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