The joy of forgiveness

Written by Alfred Ofori Agyemang.

"You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives."(NIV) Genesis 50: 20

There is one thing that everybody wants to receive but very painful if you are to give it out, that is forgiveness. The level of competition in the 21st-century life is so high that we keep offending each other intentionally and unintentionally. There is so much bitterness in the hearts of men. The heart of humanity is ready to take offense and revenge at any word or act when they are offended. A great need for forgiveness is required in this world.

Forgiving others helps you to experience the joy known only to the forgiving heart. The first person who enjoys the benefit of forgiveness is the one who forgives and then others may have joy when their mistakes are forgiven. Apart from enjoying divine forgiveness, there are manifold benefits when we forgive our fellow brethren on earth. Hearts hunger for it and rejoice when they are forgiven everywhere under the sun.

Forgive without limitation because there is no degree of forgiveness. Whatever wrong or bitterness in our hearts should be forgiven to have the chance to connect to God. Forgive from the heart and let us forget all wrongs committed against us. Medically, wrath and bitterness disturb our bodies and reduce our bodies’ defense mechanisms exposing us to a myriad of diseases. Forgive and enjoy good health today.

Joseph forgave his brothers and did them good and became their prime minister. David forgave Saul who was trying to kill him and became a great king of Israel. Our Lord and Savior forgave his bitter enemies and through that became the King of kings and the Lord of ALL. Forgive today to be a blessing to yourself and others around you. Amen

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