Can God trust you?

Written by Grace Ayiwah Fosu.

“Then the Lord said to Satan, "Have you considered My servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and shuns evil?" (NKJV) Job 1:8

The book of Job is one book in the Bible that inspires many a lot. It serves as a source of lecture that shows how great a man of wealth could stand against all odds after an enormous loss of all his possessions, and even all his children at a glance but still, this man did not deny God. He was forced by his own wife to blaspheme, but in spite of all the pressure the wife gave, this man stood tall and held his banner high for his maker. The story goes on and on and I believe many are familiar with this thoughtful book.

It would be hardly possible in our days for one with the status of Job (wealthy man) to persist and stand firm in the Lord after an immense deal of total loss. We always appreciate Job for such an overwhelming act of conduct, his faith, his steadfastness, his courage and a whole lot is mostly talked of in our congregations. But there is this pertinent thing I find in this book that makes me ponder a lot: the peak of trust and confidence God placed in Job. God was so relaxed and self-assured to give a testimony of Job. It was like He was showing off with Job to the devil. It is mind-blowing for God to have such an ultimate trust in a man.

God actually declared Job to be perfect, righteous and one who eschews evil (Job 1:8) to none other than our rival, the devil. I believe the devil was so cut to the heart that his eyes were drooping with extreme jealousy, and that was why he gave counter thoughts about Job to God (Job 1:9-11). Though he succeeded in getting the opportunity to tempt Job, he lost in proving his thoughts about Job to be right.

Reading through the book, one cannot doubt God in trusting Job that much. Throughout His agony, he proved himself right before God. Can you imagine a man who would go to the extent of sanctifying to atone for his children after their revelries just because he fears they might have sinned against God in their feasting? Seriously, Job is the epitome of worth!

The question now is; can God trust us in any way? Putting our feet in the shoes of Job, should the devil send a petition to test us on our faith in God? Would God be able to trust us that much and literally bet his last penny on us?

Well, one might say Job's shoes would be too difficult to fit in because he possesses great wealth. Does that mean we could do better with the little things we possess? Would God be able to say that “hey devil! no matter how much you defame him, disable him, make him lose his job, turn the world against him, this my child will never leave but stick with me”? Looking at this cosmos where perfection is out of the line and people manoeuvre in order to get things done and gain their desires, can it be possible for God to trust us?

If Job, a flesh like us could do that then why can't we? We can also do the same and put the devil to shame. If every day we could examine our lives and point out our flaws and fix them swiftly and pursue righteousness, then I believe there can be an iota of trust God can have in us. May the good God continue to grant us mercy and help straighten our paths to keep us blameless in His sight. Amen!

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