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New Direction

Written by Alfred Ofori Agyemang.

"May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you" (NIV) 1 Thess. 3:12

All living things are expected to grow and mature as time passes by. As we get to this time of the year, many people will do a retrospective analysis of their lives and make projections for this New Year. The projections are mostly directed towards prosperity, comfort and self-accomplishment. Due to this, some preachers take the advantage to say words their members would love to hear. Some of these words are: “it shall be well with you the upcoming year. Your business will flourish, job opportunities will come, you will get a partner and you will travel abroad”. While these are great sources of encouragement, the important question we need to ask is whether this is the best way we want to grow in 2022?

As Christians, we need to always get our directions from God and know what He expects of us. I would like to highlight three of these expectations: Holiness, Faith and Love. God expects us to grow in holiness, without it we cannot see God (Matthew 5:8). As we make our resolutions, holiness to God and not to man should be our priority. Purity before God is now relegated to the background because we prefer pleasing ourselves than pleasing God. Secondly, we should be prepared to pay the price for success in life. We all wish to enjoy the favours of Joseph in Gen. 41:41-45 but how many of us are willing to pay for the cost he endured before reaching the stage where God lifted him. If you want to meet Jesus in Heaven, you must first meet him at the cross. Holiness in thought and action should be our goal.

Have faith in God to see you through the year. It’s not so much how well you plan and organize your physical resources that lead to success. Life without Christ is crises. The year ahead is never going to be smooth throughout. Our faith in God should guide us to remember God as our Commander who will provide the resources to win the battles of this life (Exo. 14:14). When the going gets tough, remember God. Know that God gives His toughest challenges to His trusted servants (like Job).

Love for God and for one another is the summary of the new direction we must grow. No matter how people misinterpreted and responded to your good deeds in the past, you can still do more for Christ. We should love our fellow humans like Christ loved us (John 13:3).

Let us hope to grow in love, faith and holiness in this new season. Seek ye first the kingdom (Matt. 6:33), and all the other things we want will be provided for us. Grow in a new spiritual dimension. Amen.

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