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The Golden Rule

Written by Alfred Ofori Agyemang.

"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets" (NIV) Matt. 7:12

We all expect others to give us the best treatment in every situation. Students and parents want the best from their teachers and school, customers want excellent customer service, married partners have high expectations from each other, and citizens expect much from their leaders.

Unfortunately, many fail to act but wait for others to offer such a wonderful service to them. Let’s consider the lessons from the golden rule in scripture (Matt. 7:12). The golden rule demands positive action by not only abstaining from negative attitudes but also doing what is right to one another. Children of God should act as we want others to do unto us for our good.

Practising the golden rule reflects God’s love. Remember, God does not deal with us as we deserve (Rom. 5:6-10) and he expects his children to be like Him (Matt. 5:44-45). Loving our neighbour is a divine law that has many rewards. Jesus said because you did for your neighbour, you did it for him (Matt. 25:34-40). The whole Bible is concerned about how we treat our neighbour no matter what they have done or did not do. This is the Law and the Prophets (Matt. 22:36-40).

Implementing the golden rule motivates us to practice what is noble, right, pure, acceptable, and lovely to all humanity (Phil. 4:8). The golden rule is proactive, not reactive and doesn’t wait for others to do before you act (Jas. 4:17, Phil. 2:3-4). As you step out today, who is your neighbour (Luke 10:25-37)? Are you ready to give your best to humanity? Abraham entertained visitors who turned out to be angels (Gen. 18). Let us offer the best to our neighbours, God bless you!

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