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Good Shepherd

Written by Adelaide Mensah.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing…” (NIV) Psalm 23:1

When driving through remote sites in Ghana, a West African country, you would usually come across sheep sleeping right in the middle of the road (usually because cars do not often pass through), you can spend close to 5 minutes honking to announce your presence so they can move for you to drive through without hurting them. Usually, the flock is clueless as to where to go, they only go in the direction that one of them decides to move or the direction of their shepherd.

That’s how we are as Christians, just like the sheep, we are in this world not knowing which way to go almost all the time when we tend to separate ourselves from the shepherd (Christ). Even when we are sure sometimes of how, when, why and where to go, things do not go exactly as planned always. We tend to ask our fellow sheep which way to go and that leads us in various directions that may not be the will of the shepherd.

When we decide to go solo, we get prone to attacks from strangers, thieves and even meet our untimely death. We may even end up in a different fold with a different purpose and leader.

As Christians, we can only be saved if we make Christ remain our shepherd if we know and hear his voice by committing to studying his word and communicating daily with him in prayer (John 10:27-28). Being in the Lord's fold will not only shield us from the evil one but we can remain focused on his purpose for our lives. As a sheep, knowing that you have a shepherd puts your mind at peace because you trust that you are safe with the dictates of your shepherd. Christ tells us in John 10:11 and 14 that he is not just a shepherd but a good one...Oh how comforting to know that our shepherd is skillful, tender and watchful.

The Lord’s loving arms are open to everyone and ready to guide and direct you. Come into the flock if you are not already part and stay within the flock, know his voice and heed to his call.

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