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What have I done for Jesus?

Written by Grace Ayiwah Fosu.

“And He said to them “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (NKJV) Mark 16:15

When I wake up every morning, I pray and, in my prayers, I thank God, ask for forgiveness of sins and finally pour out my plenteous request at His feet (considering Phil 4:6). This has been a daily ritual for me. I sometimes forget to thank God in the night after the whole day’s activities, but I exonerate myself by saying ‘oh I would definitely balance it off in the morning’. After some thorough thoughts, I had the feeling that I have been cheating God. Just thanking Him is not enough though He requires nothing from humans because He made everything. It is our duty to praise God but is praising God enough?

With many questions in mind, I reached a course from searching through scriptures that there is one task we can do as a direct command from Christ Himself which would also serve as a continuation of what He started when He came to earth. Christ’s mission was to save mankind. So, being co-workers in that regard would mean, doing something for Christ, right?

God has been faithful to His children (us) in numerous and diverse ways and we accord thanks to Him, sing praises, give huge sums of money to support His work and try to live a holy life. That is perfect, but are these enough at all?

All these acts bounce back to us in the form of blessings from the same God, but what have we done for Him? To talk of the many great things He does, and even that gory and gruesome death He embraced on the cross for our sake, we can never repay. So, what have we done for Jesus?

Before He left earth, He echoed these words ‘‘Go into the world and preach my gospel and make disciples of all nations” (Mark 16:15, Mathew 28:19). Let's make the gospel go viral just as we make political, social and economic news viral. Let's go tell it to the world, take it to every part of the earth. He wants to save the perishing through us, He wants us (those who know Him) to be co-workers in the vineyard. Man cannot save, Jesus saves, but He wants to use us to save others. What have you done for Jesus?

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