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Seven Gospel Imperatives

Written by Richard D. Phillips.

Acts 19:1-41

Wisdom sparkles from every line of Scripture. To fulfill our mission of proclaiming Christ to the world, look to other emissaries of peace for a great education in working with people and doing the will of God. The travels and experiences of the apostle Paul in Acts 19 provide many lessons for the followers of Christ. Open your Bibles and read Acts 19:1-41; then follow the Seven Gospel Imperatives.

#1. Do it right (1-7). Make sure your obedience is complete, and help others to obey the Lord Jesus in all things, as he commanded in Matthew 28:20. A partial or incorrect obedience requires proper knowledge and correct compliance.

#2. Find your platform (8-10). The gospel is for proclamation. When the synagogue closed its doors to him, Paul found a school from which to preach. Discover how you can get out in the community to reach people.

#3. Know what you're doing (11-16). Going off half-cocked by going through the motions without personal obedience and submission to God will leave you exposed and bruised.

#4. Don't skip repentance (17-20). Not until sinfulness is exposed - confessed and repented of -will God have space to remake us and use us for the gospel.

#5. Make plans for the gospel (21-22). The Lord will at some point change our plans, but He does use them to advance the kingdom.

#6. Expect disturbances (23-27). People have hidden motives and selfish interests and will often attempt to protect them at all costs. Beware!

#7. Avoid the uncontrollable (28-41). Sometimes you can bring sense to senseless situations; other times, you should stay out of mobs that react violently. Listen to those close to you.

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