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Bread of Life

Written by Alfred Ofori Agyemang.

“I am the bread of life. Your forefathers ate manna in the desert, yet they died. But there is a bread that comes from heaven, which anyone may eat and not die " (NIV) John 6:48-50

Physically, we all need good nutrition to sustain our lives on earth. Inadequate intake of essential nutrition results in health disorders. Bread has been a staple food for mankind globally. God in the Old Testament gave bread (manna) to the people of Israel to sustain their lives in the wilderness for 40 years. Manna was given to the Israelites also as a sign that God was with them.

Let’s examine some link between the old bread for life (manna) and the new bread of life (Christ). The manna God gave the Israelites was small and round (Exo. 16:14) which symbolizes Christ's humility and also his eternal nature. The manna was temporal but now God is offering eternal bread for the whole world in Christ Jesus. The manna was sweet to taste and so are the words of Christ (1Pet. 2:3).

Indeed, the words of Christ are spiritual nutrition for growth and ultimately eternal glory in Heaven. Where can you find all these great words? The Scriptures (Holy Bible). We receive spiritual food by studying the Bible and applying its principles daily.

Some of us plan our physical menu for the day and week to have adequate nutrition. We take so much time in preparing quality healthy meals but what about our spiritual diet? Let us plan on feeding on God’s word daily and apply its divine principles. Jesus is the only provider of what we need to survive today and for eternal life. Feed on His word.

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