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An ambassador for Christ

Written by Mantebeah Elizabeth Matilda Abena.


“We are Christ’s ambassadors” (NIV) 2 Corinthians 5:20a

A country selects an ambassador to represent them in the highest manner to another land. As a result, great care is taken by the president or king to select the finest representative.

Our King has selected us to represent Him. We are God’s children and His choice in reaching out to the world. We are therefore witnesses for God. Our witnessing for God takes two forms: a) Witness by our walk b) Witness by our talk.

One reason to grow in our relationship with Christ is so others can see Christ in our walk. This can have a huge impact on others. Jesus said: let your good deeds shine out for all to see so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father (Matthew 5:16).

We should never let the devil deceive us into thinking that we are work in progress, therefore cannot be an ambassador for Christ. Never hold back on sharing the message we heard before giving our lives to Christ. No matter your situation, share your message of Jesus with another person.

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