Hopeful Realities

Written by Mantebeah Elizabeth Matilda Abena.

“…I will bear the Lord’s wrath… He will bring me out into the light; I will see His Righteousness.” (NIV) Micah 7: 9

Life may not come to us as easy as we wish. Sometimes the troubles of life will hit us so hard. It could be because we have offended God, or He wants to make us better Christians. Whatever the reason, we must bear it and be hopeful realists. God’s anger is not for long, but his enduring love is forevermore.

Effective Christians see with the eyes of faith which can pierce through the present darkness and see the glory of God awaits them. The outlook of life may be gloomy. It may seem as if all hope is lost. The grip of fear may stare at us, expecting us to give up on God, but we must never succumb to this fear because God will not abandon us. He will provide a way out.

When we become afraid of what the future holds for us, let us remember that effective Christians are people who keep in mind that God is near. He will give us strength, joy and hope to calm our inner fears.

Sorrow looks back, worry looks around but Faith looks up

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