“Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law" (NKJV) Romans 13:8

In today’s devotional, we will look at another debt we couldn’t afford to pay - the debt of forgiveness. God in his infinite faithfulness and goodness gave back our life despite all the wrong things we have done. Before we even knew him or had the desire to build a relationship with him, he forgave us of all past, present and future sins.

All the doubts we had, the murmuring we made because He didn’t do it our way. The many times we denied His calling, overlooked a great command from Him, forgot to thank Him for a breakthrough miracle, avoided reading His word, deliberately forsaking the assembly of believers etc. He says He has forgiven us a long time ago. So, the word of wisdom says “owe no man anything except love”. If God forgave us, then we need to honour our part of the debt – forgive others.

Long ago before I met the Lord, I was wallowing in the depth of resentment, unable to forgive the people who claim to love me and still abandon me when I needed them most. Then the man Jesus came into my life, promised a life without hatred. A life that is full of peace and love for all as much as I can give. I thought it was impossible but gave it a try. Today, I am a living testimony of a resentful bred child who turned her hatred to love. A love born out of the goodness of God’s grace and kindness! Yes, the road has been long, winding but it has been filled with Jehovah’s faithfulness.

Although I missed the path of faithfulness a couple of times, I have seen and experienced that His faithfulness is indeed real. I blamed God for losing the one I love dearly at a tender age, exposing me to great pressure and emotional maturity at a young age. Oh yes, I saw myself doing it all most of the time, bearing the never-ending sorrow all by myself. But today, after a retrospective look, I gain wisdom and insight that it was the Lord all this while. He was that comforting voice in my head and heart, He was that song that burst in the mornings and late in the evenings, he was that smile that wouldn’t fade no matter how hard it was. He was that strength I couldn’t fathom I had in me to forgive and live, O yes, it was He who forgave me so I can learn to forgive. His grooming does seem harsh to the disbelieving heart but for us who have seen his faithfulness in our unfaithfulness, we brace it as greater blessings for breakthroughs.

Surely, we can do all the bad by ourselves but when we rely on God’s forgiving grace, we get the wisdom to forgive those we owe to love for whatever wrong they did. I have learnt in my short years of knowing God that forgiveness, whether to yourself or to others is for our own good. It is for our own sanity, spiritual growth and wealth in the Lord God. Dare to forgive yourself and others. Dare to experience God’s grace and love through forgiveness and love.

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