“…Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me” (NIV) Mk. 8:34

The most difficult aspect of adult life is decision making. The exercise of the power of choice God gave us is not easy as we journey on the issues of life. As Christians, we keep struggling between fulfilling our physical pleasures or denying ourselves for the sake of the cross. Sin has been renamed and repackaged in several ways to deceive the believer. The advertisement for evil practices has become so enticing that many are unable to resist. This has promoted so many vices such as addictions, uncontrolled tongue, hot tempers and staying in sin instead of staying true to God.

Self-control is the use of will power, self-motivation and divine support to master one’s desires and passions, especially sensual appetites or governing yourself instead of letting some other person, other desires, and other forces to control you. We can control and master our lives first by becoming Christians and continuously following the instructions of the Bible. Being obedient to the word of God will ensure that we do what is always right and with assistance from the Holy Spirit, we can control every aspect of our lives.

An uncontrolled self is a recipe for indulging in all the wrong things we can think about. There is always a great battle between godly reason and lustful passion for every decision we take. When godly reason wins over passion, there is complete self-control. However, when passion wins over godly reason, unbridled lust is in control of self. The ability to master oneself is essential for success in many aspects of our lives; becoming a Christian (Acts 24:25), being happy, unity in the Lord’s church, leading a pure and godly life, happy marriage and being a faithful, fulfilled person (Eccl. 12:13-14).

Sin must not control us to live for ourselves. We must rather be inclined to live for Christ (Gal. 2:20). Let us use spiritual reasoning to control our lives and not our canal passions.

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