"Keep your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking deceit." (NKJV) Psalm 34:13

Everything invented has a purpose. When the purpose is known and guidelines are provided, it makes it easier to use the item safely. The same can be said of God’s creation. Genesis 1:31 says God confirmed that all he had created was good and fit for their purpose. He provided guidelines in his Holy Bible.

The human body is a specialized and well-composed entity made to achieve both divine and physical purposes. The tongue, as part of the body, is a very powerful tool to make communication with God and fellow humans easy. Although the use of the tongue is well exploited in music and language, it is also the same organ widely abused. We will be justified or condemned by words from our tongue.

Hurtful words, words that bring sadness, idle words, discouraging words, words that isolate, inappropriate words and words that mislead (lies) should not come from us (Matt. 12:36). Our tongue was not made for telling lies, boasting, gossiping, cursing, swearing and insincere talks. These are all negative use of our tongue (James 1:26).

God, our creator, expects us to use our tongue for comforting, encouraging, bringing joy, saying what is pure, words that unite, words that inspire and helpful words to fellow humans.

In order to be justified by God, we should rather use our tongue to pray to God, sing and praise God, read God’s words, witness to others about God, meditate on God and pray for others. We should bless, comfort, encourage and help others created by God with positive messages. That is the right way to use the tongue.

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