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Written by Dede Abebreser Tsonyake.

“Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be matured and complete, not lacking anything.” (NIV) James 1:4

Anytime the word perseverance comes to mind, it brings back memories from my university days. I was in first year, second semester then. After a lecture one afternoon, I came back to my room to pack my things and quit school for good. The reason was simple; it was my second lecture for a particular course and I still did not understand anything about the course and since I did not want to fail, I decided to rather go home. It took a roommate, who was much older, to convince me to stay, basing her argument on perseverance being the key to not quitting. I would like to share with you a few of the things she told me.

She asked, why allow a non-living thing (a course) to make you quit? Are you not a living being? Are you not mightier than a non-living thing? Then she said, quitting will only mean one thing, “you do not appreciate God making you a living being.” After hearing these, I unpacked and decided to face this course that threatened my future. I must say to the glorification of God that I made it…all thanks to God and Vivian (my roommate).

The things that challenge us are not mightier than us. They are in fact non-living things. Our education, marital problems, work issues, trials, just name them. None of them are made in God’s image so why must we make those non-living things mightier by allowing them to overpower us such that we give up?

This year does not promise to be any easier than previous years. Things are getting tougher day by day. It takes this twelve letter word, “PERSEVERANCE” to sail through. God has promised to help us but we need to do our part, to persevere. And for us, who are matured and complete because perseverance has finished its work in us or close to, please lend a helping hand to others to understand what it means to persevere, just like Vivian did for me. God bless you.

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